About Us

We have partnered with Merchants Information Solutions to offer you the highest quality Identity Theft Solutions available in the market place today. Feel great knowing that once enrolled, you are covered by best-in-class Fully-Managed Recovery. Many providers of identity theft solutions do not provide the type of recovery you deserve!

We designed our partnership and product offer specifically with you in mind. We encourage you to participate in securing your future, today.

About Merchants Information Solutions Inc.

Merchants, incorporated on February 15, 1912, is a leading Identity Theft solution provider, protecting millions of consumers and businesses across the United States from the crime of Identity Theft. Merchants success is the direct result of a simple formula that has been followed since 1912: a commitment to excellence, customer service and reliability. Merchants is dedicated to providing exceptional service to every customer, every time.


Merchants is proud to have created an ID Theft advisory board comprised of experts from the FBI, GoDaddy.com, KPMG, Avnet and many others including legal, fraud and cyber forensics specialists, whose mission is to support education and best practices specific to ID Theft, Data Breach Risk Management and Information Governance.

In addition, Merchants actively participates in a number of industry groups including the Consumer Federation of America's working group on ID Theft and is honored to have as company national spokespersons Jerry Colangelo and Harvey Mackay.